About TEDxIrie

TEDxIrie intends to show the world that Jamaica’s size doesn’t limit what we can contribute globally in all areas of human activity. This event will offer robust ideas to convince others there is much value in our outlook and our island perspective that can impact the world.


Knolly Moses is the organizer of TEDxIrie. He is a writer and digital media strategist with more than 42 years experience working in the Caribbean and New York City. He is CEO of Panmedia, where he directs a group of professionals to deliver highly effective strategies and messages for informing target groups.

Support Team

Gillian Baldeo
Russell Meghoo
Chevonese Dacres
Howard Henry
Demari Stevens
Niqui Graveney
Petrine Archer
Wenley Bramwell
Dwayne MacDonald
Katharine Rodrigues
Kianga Williams
Nesta Campbell
Ian McFadyen